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Mixtape Graphics

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Dracula's Ball 9/3/2005 [26 Jul 2005|04:30pm]
Cool music event news:

The 30th Dracula's Ball event takes place on Saturday, September 3rd at Shampoo Nightclub in Philadelphia. All ages are welcome but you must be 21+ w/valid photo ID to drink. Performers include Hungry Lucy (OH), The Last Dance (CA), DJ Vikki Wilson (VA), DJ Th'Elf (Canada) and DJ Wilhelm K (NY). Tickets are $13 and are on sale now through Ticketmaster and Digital Ferret. IsoTank.com is now offering free shipping on orders of five or more tickets.

This Dracula's Ball Event will include henna painters, and a tarrot reader, as well as 3 new vendors of clothing, and curiosities.

This will also be the official release party for the "Asleep By Dawn Presents: Sleepwatching Vol.1" DVD, which promises to be an *essential* DVD compilation.

Details about this event can be found at the Dracula's Ball website. You can also click here toCollapse )check out the web graphic.

The 31st Dracula's Ball has, by coincidence, been confirmed for the 31st of October. The Cruxshadows will be returning to the Ball for the first time in many years, and in what promises to be a phenomenal evening, their special guest will be none other than Voltaire! Details and ticket info coming soon.

Hiya [01 Jul 2005|03:40am]

[ mood | bored ]

Just joined, thought I'd make a short introduction post.

My name is Nikki. I like music and graphics. Hence why I joined this community! I'll try to contribute as much as possible...

Is there anything in particular that this community wants? Heh. Or just anything to do with graphics and music? Just wondering...


[16 May 2005|05:30am]


More icons. Just three The Spill Canvas. Credit and comment if taking.
To give me confidence to stare and observe the worldCollapse )


[15 May 2005|02:25am]


Four Weezer icons. Make sure to credit me.
Say it ain't so. Your drug is a heartbreaker.Collapse )


New Cruxshadows DVD+CD notes plus other coolness [14 May 2005|01:36pm]
[ mood | busy ]

Since Cruxshadows is listed as a community interest, I thought this post would be of interest.

Information on the new Cruxshadows DVD+CD, "Shadowbox" and the new Project Pitchfork album, "Kaskade" has been posted at isotank.com Just go to the Department section and click on the link for the relevant band.

On a different but still exciting note, Qntal has posted a number of sound clips from their new album on their web site, as well as a video of them performing a new song live. "Qntal IV" will be available next week. If you like Dead Can Dance, Vas or Loreena McKennitt, you will probably dig Qntal.


NEW A SMALL VICTORY MP3'S!!! [11 Aug 2004|07:52am]

New songs from the new album "El Camino" are up!! Check out our Purevolume site and the Lobster Records Myspace account. Oh and tell all your friends! thanks everyone. <3ASV


The Free Noise Protest [13 Jun 2004|09:44pm]
So as you all know...music is illegal to download...I hope to involve some protesters in this.

The Free Noise Protest

When I get done with the report, I will start the website and add all your icons, banners, and maybe some custom made layouts, to it.

[12 Jun 2004|02:30pm]

[ mood | curious ]

Cool community! Do you post any homemade graphic stuff?


Mixtape [09 Jun 2004|04:17pm]
[ mood | curious ]

1. Anatomy of a Ghost // On to Morning Stars
2. Blindside // All of Us
3. Bright Eyes // Method Acting
4. Coheed and Cambria // Delirium Trigger
5. Coheed and Cambria // An End to a Beginning
6. Finch // Letters to You
7. Finch // What is it to Burn
8. From Autumn to Ashes // Short Stories with Tragic Endings
9. Lagwagon // E. Dagger
10. Lost Prophets // Last Train Home
11. Lawrence Arms // The First Eviction Notice
12. Lawrence Arms // Chapter Thirteen: The Hero Appears
13. Modest Mouse // Perfect Disguise
14. NoFX // Franco-UnAmerican
15. OK GO // Hello My Treacherous Friends
16. OK GO // Return
17. Rhett Miller // Our Love
18. Saves the Day // At your Funeral
19. Saves the Day // Anywhere with You
20. Saves the Day // Freakish
21. The Postal Service // The District Sleeps Alone Tonight


Yellowcard and other [06 Jun 2004|11:14am]
[ mood | content ]

These are friends only banners...I'm not sure if the other one is Yellowcard or Taking Back Sunday. :/ The yellow one is Yellowcard. These are not mine, so do not credit me.
Rock.OutCollapse )


Members Only [06 Jun 2004|06:46am]
[ mood | amused ]

[x] This is a band sharing community.
[x] This is a graphic sharing community.

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